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Reviews of FIRST ISSUE comic books. Definitely the most important, expensive and exciting things in comics! Topped only by the next FIRST ISSUE of the same title or character.

Darkhawk #1 Marvel

Darkhawk #1 (Marvel, 1991)

“Dawn of the Darkhawk” Writer: Danny Fingeroth Pencils: Mike Manley It’s another crappy..errrr, collectible… FIRST ISSUE! When “Darkhawk” popped up on the racks in late 1990/early 1991, my first impression is that he was a licensed property; like “Solar Man”. I primarily thought this because Darkhawk’s costume; prominently displayed on the cover and splash page; […]

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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (1984)

“The War Begins” Writer: Jim Shooter Penciler: Mike Zeck One thing that’s always excited me is the all-star crossover. As a wee lad, I remember freaking out when I stumbled upon “Yogi’s Ark”, featuring all the Hanna-Barbera characters teaming up. As a teen, I loved the Survivor Series with all its (tag) team-ups. As an […]

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New Warriors FIRST ISSUE

New Warriors #1 (1990)

“From the Ground Up!” Writer: Fabian Nicieza Pencils: Mark Bagley With the upcoming release of 52 Crappy First Issues from DC, I thought it’d be relevant and contemporary to go back and find 52 OTHER Crappy First Issues from DC and Marvel. Since everybody knows that “FIRST ISSUES” are the most-sought after pieces of crap…errrr, […]

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Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1 (1988)

Coicendentally, also the cover to “Greatest Suicide Squad vs Doom Patrol Stories Ever Told” TPB “Red Pawn” Writer: John Ostrander and Paul Kupperberg Pencils: Erik Larsen It’s another crappy..errrr, collectible… FIRST ISSUE! Sure, this is only a one-shot special issue and you may think I’m bending the rules a bit. Dammit, I’m Willy Wonka and […]

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All-Star Squadron #1 (1981)

A cover that inspried an entire JLA story arc, circa 2007 “The World on Fire!” Writer: Roy Thomas Pencils: Rich Buckler It’s another FIRST ISSUE, from the early 80’s. Yet this title actually jumps back about 40 to DC’s “Earth Two” and the eve of World War II. So it’s from 1981…yet it’s not!This was […]

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Claws of the Cat #1

Writer: Linda Fite Pencils: Marie Severin & Wally Wood In a concerted effort to gain new readers, early 70’s Marvel decided to go with a diversity movement and create new super heroes for African-Americans and women. The former got us all-around bad-ass and Marvel icon Luke Cage, while the latter got us… the Cat. Tied […]

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Takion #1 (1996)

“Birth Pains“ Writer: Paul Kupperberg Penciler: Aaron Lopresti So, golly, it’s been a long time since we’ve tackled a FIRST ISSUE comic book review around here. I was surprised to find this particular issue in my collection. “Takion”?! Very surprising to me, because I apparently picked this up in the midst of my 1996 “glory […]

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