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Reviews of FIRST ISSUE comic books. Definitely the most important, expensive and exciting things in comics! Topped only by the next FIRST ISSUE of the same title or character.

Marvel Spotlight #1 (Red Wolf, 1971)

Writer: Gardner F. Fox Artist: Syd Shores The Marvel anthology titles of the 70’s are potentially the greatest things in the History of Comics. Simply because every few issues would result in a FIRST ISSUE– as a new lead character or storyline would debut. So if you subscribed to this title, you had the potential […]

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Harley Davidson Avengers

Avengers: Heroes Arise #1 (2012)

“Heroes Arise” Writer: Jeff Parker Pencils: Manuel Garcia Unofficially dubbed “Harley-Davidson Avengers“, here’s a modern collectible FIRST issue, coincidentally hitting the streets as a FREE digital comic with a big-screen Avengers movie imminent. Yes, it obviously a marketing tie-in, as the team consists of Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Thor and the […]

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X-Treme X-Men #1 (2001)

The 90’s, the decade that brought us Extreme Sports, X-games, ECW and Pizza Hut’s Exreme Pizza, still had a lingering effect into the 2000’s. 2001 to be precise, the year that brought us the XFL and the X-treme X-men. Sure, they could’ve been simply “Extreme”, but that just wouldn’t be extreme enough. “X-treme” is so […]

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Takion #1 (1996)

“Birth Pains“ Writer: Paul Kupperberg Penciler: Aaron Lopresti So, golly, it’s been a long time since we’ve tackled a FIRST ISSUE comic book review around here. I was surprised to find this particular issue in my collection. “Takion”?! Very surprising to me, because I apparently picked this up in the midst of my 1996 “glory […]

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Silver Sable and Wild Pack #1

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #1 (1992)

“Personal Stakes” Writer: Gregory Wright Pencils: Steven Butler and Jim Sanders III Silver Sable was one of my first comic book crushes. Now, by “crush” I don’t mean “comic book broad I pleasured myself to as a pathetic adult young teen”; since that was pretty much every female character with the exception of Stompa. I […]

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Darkhawk #1 Marvel

Darkhawk #1 (Marvel, 1991)

“Dawn of the Darkhawk” Writer: Danny Fingeroth Pencils: Mike Manley It’s another crappy..errrr, collectible… FIRST ISSUE! When “Darkhawk” popped up on the racks in late 1990/early 1991, my first impression is that he was a licensed property; like “Solar Man”. I primarily thought this because Darkhawk’s costume; prominently displayed on the cover and splash page; […]

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New Warriors FIRST ISSUE

New Warriors #1 (1990)

“From the Ground Up!” Writer: Fabian Nicieza Pencils: Mark Bagley With the upcoming release of 52 Crappy First Issues from DC, I thought it’d be relevant and contemporary to go back and find 52 OTHER Crappy First Issues from DC and Marvel. Since everybody knows that “FIRST ISSUES” are the most-sought after pieces of crap…errrr, […]

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Mister Miracle #1

Mister Miracle #1 (1989)

“Be it Ever So Humble” Writer: J.M. DeMatteis Pencils: Ian Gibson It’s another crappy…errrr, collectible… FIRST ISSUE! In the mid to late 80’s, one of DC’s certifiable hits was the 1986 re-launch of the “Justice League” franchise. I was in that herd, as the first 12 issues or so of “Justice League” (vol 2) are […]

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Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1 (1988)

Coicendentally, also the cover to “Greatest Suicide Squad vs Doom Patrol Stories Ever Told” TPB “Red Pawn” Writer: John Ostrander and Paul Kupperberg Pencils: Erik Larsen It’s another crappy..errrr, collectible… FIRST ISSUE! Sure, this is only a one-shot special issue and you may think I’m bending the rules a bit. Dammit, I’m Willy Wonka and […]

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