GI Joe 241

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #241

Writer: Larry Hama Penciler: S.L. Gallant Summary Cobra Commander orders another round of BATs and Blue Ninjas to attack the Springfield Rec Center. This time, Snake-Eyes/Dawn attacks and takes them all out, by himself…err, herself. Zarana and the Dreadnoks arrive in the Thunder Machine and want a crack at things. Once they’re in, they meet […]

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Takion #1 (1996)

“Birth Pains“ Writer: Paul Kupperberg Penciler: Aaron Lopresti So, golly, it’s been a long time since we’ve tackled a FIRST ISSUE comic book review around here. I was surprised to find this particular issue in my collection. “Takion”?! Very surprising to me, because I apparently picked this up in the midst of my 1996 “glory […]

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GI Joe 240

G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #240

Writer: Larry Hama Penciler: S.L. Gallant Summary Some time has passed since last issue, as Storm Shadow, Dawn, Zartan, Heather Collins and the rest have seized control of Dr. Mindbender’s basement lab and have held off legions of Cobra troopers. Wade Collins and “Mrs. Wade Collins” recognize Snake-Eyes (II) as their son, Sean, and they […]

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GI Joe 239

G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #239

Writer: Larry Hama Penciler: S.L. Gallant Everybody is heading for Springfield. Roadblocks and check-points are set up, outside of the town by the Springfield police, to search for Dawn Moreno. Dawn gets out at the rest stop before Springfield and steals the car of some pervert. A Springfield officer arrives to search, and she also […]

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GI Joe 238 Subscription variant

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #238

Writer: Larry Hama Pencils: S.L. Gallant Summary A small team of Joes try to sneak into Darklonia in a Tomahawk. After a firefight with some Cobra Moray Hydrofoils, they meet up wit the Darklonian resistance, led by someone known as “Werewolf One”. Sneak Peek is surprised to see that “Werewolf One” is actually his old […]

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GI Joe: A Real American Hero #237

Summary: Zartan disguies himself as an antique collector and enters Demon Granny’s store in NY’s East Village. He quickly reveals “Evening Shade” — not the 90’s Burt Reynolds sitcom, but the copy of the Arashikage sword “Morning Light”. Zartan and Granny go it, until he knocks her out with the blunt edge of the sword. […]

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Silver Sable and Wild Pack #1

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #1 (1992)

“Personal Stakes” Writer: Gregory Wright Pencils: Steven Butler and Jim Sanders III Silver Sable was one of my first comic book crushes. Now, by “crush” I don’t mean “comic book broad I pleasured myself to as a pathetic adult young teen”; since that was pretty much every female character with the exception of Stompa. I […]

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Darkhawk #1 Marvel

Darkhawk #1 (Marvel, 1991)

“Dawn of the Darkhawk” Writer: Danny Fingeroth Pencils: Mike Manley It’s another crappy..errrr, collectible… FIRST ISSUE! When “Darkhawk” popped up on the racks in late 1990/early 1991, my first impression is that he was a licensed property; like “Solar Man”. I primarily thought this because Darkhawk’s costume; prominently displayed on the cover and splash page; […]

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New Warriors FIRST ISSUE

New Warriors #1 (1990)

“From the Ground Up!” Writer: Fabian Nicieza Pencils: Mark Bagley With the upcoming release of 52 Crappy First Issues from DC, I thought it’d be relevant and contemporary to go back and find 52 OTHER Crappy First Issues from DC and Marvel. Since everybody knows that “FIRST ISSUES” are the most-sought after pieces of crap…errrr, […]

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