G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #238

GI Joe 238 Subscription variant

Writer: Larry Hama
Pencils: S.L. Gallant


A small team of Joes try to sneak into Darklonia in a Tomahawk. After a firefight with some Cobra Moray Hydrofoils, they meet up wit the Darklonian resistance, led by someone known as “Werewolf One”. Sneak Peek is surprised to see that “Werewolf One” is actually his old flame, Katya.

In Springfield, the Collins family has been outed and they’re attacked by a Cobra assault team. Wade and his wife are captured, but their daughter, Heather, manages to escape.

On her way to Springfield, Dawn Moreno has a flashback with Snake-Eyes’ memories. While in Japan (and pre-GI Joe), Snake-Eyes and Demon Granny went to the traditional Obon festival. On the way back, they were attacked by the rival Tenchu Raiden clan. Snake-Eyes went into a bloodthristy state and single handedly killed them all. This is what Storm Shadow was warning about “awakening”, last issue. Storm Shadow, Snake-Eyes II and Zartan are also shown traveling (together) to Springfield.

Finally, Cobra Commander has yet ANOTHER tense meeting with Destro. Cuz’ it’s been about 7 issues since we last had one. This time, Cobra Commander is thwarted by Destro’s new retractable hands.


  • Seated on the bus, next to Dawn is what appears to be Shirley from “What’s Happening!” She’s even wearing a t-shirt that says: “Rob’s Place”. Seated behind them are two guys who appear to be Rodge and Dwayne!
  • So I guess this previously unmentioned “dark side” of Snake-Eyes is sort’a like Wolverine’s old “Berzerker rage” from the 80’s?
  • Also of note, in the Obon flashback, Snake-Eyes does not speak. I’m thinking this was pre-accident and pre-GI Joe, but it could have simply been a more recent Snake-Eyes in his rubber mask, on leave.
  • Demon Granny is there to educate us on “Dango dumplings– traditional festival snacks”, like a National Geographic narrator.
  • Flint’s kind of a jerk, as he tells the team all about how Sneak Peek “went native with his landlord’s daughter” while undercover.
  • Another month where I ended up with the “subscription variant cover”. The regular covers always seem to be more popular and sell out, quicker.


Characters (figures): Flint, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, Spirit Iron-Knife, Sneak Peek, Wild Bill, Lift-Ticket, Snake-Eyes II, Snake-Eyes I (flashback), Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Zartan, Baroness (cameo)

Characters (“comic-only”): Demon Granny, Dawn Moreno, Katya, Grosz the Scrounger, Wade Collins, Mrs. Collins, Heather Collins, Shirley, Rodge, Dwayne

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Tomahawk, Cobra HISS, Cobra Moray

Vehicles and stuff (not toys): None

Characters: Grosz, Shirley, Rodge, Dwayne

Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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