G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #245


In Darklonia, the team of Sightline, Ambush, Big Ben and Bombstrike are able to infiltrate the Revanche BAT factory. A local kid named “Milo” helps them out. At first, they Joes appear to be sabotaging production and Big Ben uploads a Torjan virus, yet it turns out that they also want to slap some micro-cameras on the BATs. The team ends up trapped in the factory as it goes into a full security lock-down.

Back in Springfield, Dr. Venom has his own special batch of Revanche BATs. Snake-Eyes’s memories were erased from the Brainwave Scanner, but Venom plans to pump his BATs full of another set of memories– Storm Shadow.

While over in Tokyo, Dawn Moreno, Demon Granny and the Arashikages perform a “ninja show” at their amusement park. Things take a turn for the worse when a load of Red Ninjas begin attacking.


  • Forgot to mention it, last issue, but the Arashikage’s base has an MC Esher-esque set-up in one part.
  • All of the Arashikages seen in this issue appear to be female. Two are named: Gorobei and Seiji.
  • Having a more organized (and technologically advanced) Arashikage clan is something Hama toyed with the in the “Hasbro Comic Two-Packs”, circa 2008. Specifically the issue “The Tiger and the Tea Pot”, which had a flashback of Snake-Eyes running a mechanical training course.
  • Big Ben uses the alias “Beauchamp Cholmondelay”, which he says is pronounced “Beechum Chumley and I’m from Worcester”.
  • Much is made of how the Joes are able to disrupt facial recognition software. Big Ben’s explanation is simple: since he’s SAS, his face isn’t in any database.
  • Ambush and Sightline are disguised as pest exterminators, and it turns out that Revanche really does have a rat problem!
  • Milo is kinda’ goofy, as he has face paint and a headband. I’m thinking of him as “Billy 2017”.
  • The Red Ninjas have a spy at the Arashikage complex, who looks like the mysterious “Trieste Arashikage” from a few years ago. No idea if it’s supposed to be the same guy.
  • Funny scene as we see Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness playing putt-putt golf in Springfield!
  • Disappointed that there was no follow-up with the rednecks who wrecked Snake-Eyes’s cabin, last issue.
  • In the letters page, a fan asks if any of the Joes were ever drafted (since they were known to have been of age for the Vietnam War). They were not, as all the extra time and training for special forces is only for “RA” (Regular Army) enlistees and not “US” Draftees. Draftees were not able to recoup the specialized training time with remaining service time. Never knew that.
  • Hama also confirms that Sneak-Peek is really dead, this time.
  • This appears to be the last issue for longtime penciler S.L. Gallant, as new guy Neitho Diaz comes on-board next month for the “Dawn of the Arashikage” storyline. Gallant had an impressive stint on the book as is definitely on the short list of “definitive Joe artists”.
  • Just curious, are there plans for a Dawn Moreno/Snake-Eyes figure?


Characters (figures): Bombstrike, Sightline, Ambush, Big Ben, Duke, Mainframe, Lady Jaye, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Black Major

Characters (“comic-only”): Dawn Moreno, Demon Granny, Dr. Venom, Red Ninjas, Gorobei, Seiji.

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none

Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: Milo, Gorobei, Seiji

Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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