G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #244



Airborne’s team returns to the Pit, indulging in some of Chef Roadblock’s chow. They meet a new transfer to the team: Nauf Nasr, codename: Mongoose! He’s fluent in multiple languages, born in Dearborn, Michigan and, presumably, the team’s new translator or language expert.

Two rednecks appear at Snake-Eyes’ temporarily empty cabin in the Sierra Nevadas and vandalize the place… until Trips/Timber III appears.

In Darklonia, Bombstrike, Ambush, Big Ben and Sightline (he’s new…right?) prepare to stake out and infiltrate a BAT factory.

In New Jersey, Cobra Night-Vipers and Nightcreepers appear to attack Zartan’s gas station, but it’s a holographic ruse that leads into a trap of fuel-air bombs.

Over in Springfield, Dr. Venom reveals that he has a new plan to fill Revanche BATs with the skills and memories of Snake-Eyes.

Finally–and most significantly– in Tokyo, Demon Granny starts Dawn Moreno on her Arashikage training. Including a new “female Snake-Eyes” outfit.


  • Yeah, this story isn’t exactly “continued” from last issue, as proclaimed. Well, it’s not any more “continued” than any other sequential issue.
  • Based purely off of superficial assumptions, Mongoose appears to be Muslim-American. Hope he is. And if he isn’t…well, ain’t I a presumptuous douchebag?
  • Believe this is the first time we’ve seen Roadblock as cook/chef since issue 82!
  • Two mess hall specials are “The Roadblock” (his breakfast dish) and “Knowing is Half the Bar-B-Que (with Cobra-slaw)”.
  • From a framed picture in the cabin, the rednecks believe Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are “city slickers with big bucks” and proclaim: “it’s folks like us who made this country great”. They’re not all that different from the characters in the recent South Park episode, “White People Renovating Houses”. Gonzo’s even wearing a hat with “NRA” on it (and maybe a Nashville Predators tank top)
  • Had to look up Sightline and while his new (2015) figure mentions he’s “anti-aicraft support”, here he mentions that he has a laser spotter. I sassume you use that equipment in both areas.
  • A construction crew working on the Springfield rec center is called: “Vindoveipeirs Brothers”.
  • The Night-creepers are mistakenly called “Night-crawlers”.
  • We only see the potential foreheads of Monkeywrench and Thrasher. I’m scoring their appearance based on who we DO see (all the other main Dreadnoks) and their respective hair colors. Oh, and for what it’s worth, Monkeywrech appears to be driving the Thunder Machine.
  • Can’t say I’m crazy about Dawn as another new Snake-Eyes. Her look reminds me of a female “Snake-Eyes cosplay”. I also predicted wacky Brainwave Scanner Shenanigans to bring back Snake-Eyes in some form, so right now I don’t think of this as exciting or innovative.
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with this comic, but last week I watched the 1984 “Revenge of Cobra” animated mini-series, over the course of 5 weekday afternoons. There are some fun parts, but like all the 5-part stories, it falls apart around the 4th episode. It was just fun to see all the “new” characters and vehicles…and I suppose that was the point.


Characters (figures): Airborne, Leatherneck, Rock and Roll, Roadblock, Bombstrike, Sightline, Ambush, Big Ben, Snake-Eyes I (picture), Scarlett (picture) Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Zartan, Ripper, Buzzer (cameo), Zarana (cameo), Torch (cameo), Thrasher (cameo), Monkeywrench (cameo)

Characters (“comic-only”): Dawn Moreno, Demon Granny, Dr. Venom, Mongoose, Trips, Gonzo the Redneck and his buddy

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Dreadnok Thunder Machine

Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Cobra transport/gunship helicopter

Characters: Mongoose, Sightline, Gonzo and his buddy

Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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