G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #243

GI Joe 243


Using skill and a little trickery, the Joes and their new buddies are able to make it out of the Trucial Abysmia U.S. Embassy. The local insurgents, led by a guy named Akbar, chase them through the city, as the Joes try to reach their helicopter evac at the desalinization plant.

Ambassador McCrory is instrumental in the escape, but his aide Emerson dies. To hold off the advancing horde, McCrory remains at a gas station and an island of ruptured gas pumps. As Akbar’s men surround him, McCrory shoots the ground, igniting the gas, sacrificing himself and wiping out Akbar’s men. The Joes then appear to have made it out.


  • McCrory confirms that he was “recon with the First”. While both Emerson and Palmer are Marines, as well.
  • McCrory actually takes Leatherneck’s side-arm and hat in his “ultimate sacrifice” move. I’m guessing he wanted to go out with a USMC lid on.
  • McCrory’s final words are “John 13:15”. So, I looked it up: “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you”.
  • To avoid any copyright issues, the tailgate of the pick-up trucks are labeled as “Toyoda”
  • The Joes radio the “USS Heartbreak Ridge” with a call-sign of “Golf India Juliet Five-Niner”. “GIJ” obviously means “GI Joe”. “59” is a little unclear. The original G.I. Joe line (12″ size) debuted in 1964. So no real idea what “59” could refer to.
  • The Joes escape the surrounded embassy through the sewers. Like ventilation shafts, they’re the other “secret passage” for all action yarns.
  • Groan-inducing line of the month: the Joes encounter a roadblock and Airborne says: “we could use our G.I.Joe Roadblock!”
  • By the way, Roadblock’s on the cover, but doesn’t appear.
  • The final panel says this is “to be continued”, but I think it’d diminish any impact were this story to continue. For instance, if it turns out that Akbar and/or McCrory are still alive…


Characters (figures): Airborne, Long Range, Leatherneck, Rock and Roll

Characters (“comic-only”): Ambassador McCrory (croaks), Emerson (croaks), Lake, Mafood, Ishmael, Akbar (croaks)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none

Vehicles and stuff (not toys): None to speak of. Maybe “Toyoda” trucks

Characters: none

Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 4 Flag Points

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